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About the product

The rebuild quality control portion of the system consists of a complete set of customized digital inspection and measurement forms for each different roll design for every machine in the process line. Each form includes applicable roll specifications and OEM tolerances for all critical fits. They contain auto-generated calculations to standardize measurements to standard shop temperature, and calculate interference fits, average diameters, taper, roundness, and such things as suction roll shell cycles.

The software is designed to maximize “user friendly” features, and with OEM tolerances and auto-generated calculations embedded within the inspection forms maintenance supervisors and tradesmen immediately gain speedy references and full potential from the system. Absolutely no additional calculations are required by mill staff. With the features of this software the efficiency and effectiveness of the rolls supervisor and his/her trades people can increase by as much as 15% or more. There will no longer be a requirement to seek OEM specifications and tolerances from multiple sources.

All forms and document templates are digital, can be copied and become part of the roll maintenance history data bases after inspections and roll rebuilds are completed and signed off by the roll supervisor.

Types of Quality Control Inspection and Measurement Forms:

The roll management portion of the system is sold separately and also includes customized documents which allow the rolls supervisor, and other mill personnel to track the current status of all in-service and spare paper rolls. The system's "current roll service duration and scheduled prioritized change out document", which contains graphics for easy roll reference, contains auto-generated calculations for setting priority for roll changes according to planned service times. The "current service and spare rolls inventory document" separates rolls by design type, indicates their current status and where each roll is located or stored.

The "live" documents in the rolls management system allows the roll supervisor to gain control of the massive workload involved in rolls maintenance, as well as provide a quick reference on the status of all rolls.

Types of Roll Management Forms and Documents: