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Welcome to Paper Rolls Reliability Inc.

Paper Rolls Reliability Inc., established in 2007, is based on the concept of supplying the paper and liner board industry with a comprehensive software package that fills a present need for a professional Internal-Mill rolls maintenance program to allow companies to increase machine efficiencies throughout their process lines, and reduce their cost of roll parts and external roll rebuild services.

To be competitive and successful in the paper producing market of today, and in the future, mills must acquire the right tools to ensure that all their assets are running at peak efficiency with reliability built into their system to keep them there.

Paper Rolls Reliability Inc. provides such a tool by supplying a customized rebuild quality control system, and a separate management system for the in-house maintenance and rebuilds of all machine rollers throughout the paper machine line. Reliability is achieved by focusing on the critical machined fits of the rolls and performing regular inspections of the most critical of the machine rollers such as suction rolls, press rolls and other nipped rolls. The most important of the machined fits are bearing housing bores, bearing journals, bearing internal clearances during bearing drive-ups and head fits. Components such as axial seals, internal showers, suction boxes, suction roll shells and chilled iron roll shells also deserve special attention.

Unscheduled paper machine downtime due to mechanical roll failures can be reduced by a minimum of 50% and can be as high as an 80% reduction depending on the quality of a mill's current roll maintenance system.